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COVID-19 Testing

Our practice is now offering the facility to have a Coronavirus (Covid-19 PCR) test, as well as a Covid-19 antibody test. We use one of the biggest and most reputable laboratories in the country for reliability and efficiency of test processing.

Currently we DO NOT provide “test-to-release from quarantine" certification. Due to new government regulations only UKAS and DHSC registered practices are able to offer this service. Please check WWW.GOV.UK  website.
However, we continue to offer “fit-to-fly” test certification.

Coronavirus – COVID-19 test (SARS-CoV-2) (Using Nasal & Throat swabs)

  • Sample to be taken 1-5 days from onset of symptoms or following exposure to an infected person.

  • Test certificate may also be need when flying into certain countries.

  • Test kits can be collected from the premises. Do not attend if you are symptomatic, we can post it to you.

  • Current fee for Covid-19 test: £130 

IgG Antibody Test (Blood sample) SST/Serum

  • This is to find out if you have been exposed to Covid-19 and have developed antibodies.

  • You will need to have blood taken at our laboratory reception in
    Wimpole Street W1 (best taken 2 weeks after exposure).

  • This is not a pin prick test, but a full blood analysis for more accuracy.

  • The antibody test also includes a Full Blood Count screen or FBC. Normally costs £80 on its own.

  • Payments must be made in advance of any tests.

  • Current fee for Antibody test inc FBC: £160

We would like to inform all our clients that following the first lockdown, our practice is now fully operational.

In order to operate safely, we have implemented strict hygiene measures. These measures are intended to protect both our clients and our practitioners. These include:

  • Clients must be healthy and free of symptoms to be treated.

  • On arrival we will measure your temperature and if greater than 37.5 C will not be able to treat you.

  • Clients must wear a face mask.

  • Upon entering the practice the soles of your shoes will be sprayed.

  • Practitioners will wear face masks, apron & gloves during treatments.

  • Clinical rooms, door handles, examination and treatment equipment will be disinfected between clients.

  • We will aim to have only one person in the reception area at any one time.

  • To avoid over-crowding in the reception area, please do not arrive more than 10 min early.

  • If you are having a massage therapy we would appreciate bringing your own towel. If this is not possible we will provide you with one. 

A Coronavirus Status Declaration form will be completed on your arrival. This may also be accessed here:


More information

If you have any queries, please get in touch with the practice manager by email or call us on 020 7387 9777.


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