Fees & Payments


First consultation and treatment, 60 mins £75 *
Follow-up treatment, 30 mins £65
Follow-up treatment, 45 mins £75
Follow-up treatment, 60 mins £85
* All appointments with Andreas Syrimis, £80


Same as Osteopathy


30 mins £50
1 hour £70
1.5 hours £90

Covid-19 PCR test (Fit to fly certification)

Performed at the clinic £110

Return to UK - Pre departure test (Antigen test)



First consultation and treatment, 1.5 hours £80 *
Follow-up treatment, 60 mins £70
* All appointments with Andreas Syrimis, £80


All our therapies are available as remote (online) consultations. Our therapists can convey and instruct you on treatment and rehabilitation techniques. We will use one of the video call applications to hold this consultation with you. If you require an online consultation, please let us know in advance, so that we can make the right preparations in order to make this an effective substitute to a one-to-one session. We realise that some people need to isolate for various reasons, fortunately with technology the facility exist to bridge this gap and offer you the means to treat and alleviate your condition.

For the physical therapies we may ask you to prepare some equipment or other simple props to help with the treatment.   

Discounted fees may be offered in certain cases and these are subject to approval by the management. ​

Some concessions currently being offered:

Purchasing 5 treatments in advance will entitled you to a 50% discount on your last treatment. 
Purchasing 10 treatments in advance will entitled you to 100% discount on your last treatment.

Students, the unemployed, the disabled and others may be entitled to a discount. To apply
please email us: Bloomsbury-osteopathy@gmail.com

Only one discount scheme can be applied per treatment. For all our conditions please see our POLICIES page.

Referral and Other Services

X-rays £80.00 to £100 approximately per film
Blood Tests Depends on the type. Full blood count about £50.00
Full Medical Report £300.00
MRI Scans £200.00 to £300.00


Please note that most private medical insurances will cover osteopathic treatments. We do not
accept AXA PPP claims as they only pay £35 for Osteopathic treatments. We feel this is an
insult to the profession. To claim on your health insurance, you need to provide us in advance
with your (i) Membership number, (ii) Your authorisation code.

Methods of payment: 

You can pay for your treatment when you attend using: cash, cheque,
credit/debit cards, bank transfer, private medical insurance. We can also take payment over the
phone by using your credit/debit card.

Cancellation policy: 

Please provide 24h notice if you wish to cancel. Late cancellations will be
charged at 50% of the appointment fee on first instance and 100% on subsequent occurrences. 
Our practitioners are qualified, insured and registered professionals working within the
parameters and guidelines of their professional bodies. At the Bloomsbury Osteopathic Practice
we aim to work closely with other healthcare professionals and when appropriate, and with your
explicit permission, we may communicate with your General Practitioner or other healthcare
provider to ensure we practice in the interest of your health and wellbeing.

Health Insurances: Bupa Cigna Aviva Vitality Saga WPA