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Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine (or Orthomolecular medicine) is based on a view that through appropriate nutrition and dietary manipulation lies the basis of good health. A core Hippocratic principle; “let food be thy medicine” is as valid now as it was almost 2,400 years ago. A trained nutritional therapist can use nutritional manipulation and supplementation to assist your body overcome disease or to help you prevent illness. All practitioners are trained at university level and regulated by their professional bodies, ensuring that you will receive professional care and an effective treatment plan.

Nutritional Medicine is a way of using supplements to help the body recover from a certain medical condition and achieve optimum health. The supplements may come as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other micro-nutrients. The aim being to counteract any deficiencies caused by poor diet and lifestyle.

We are able to offer Nutritional Therapy at the clinic. A nutritionist will take a case history and in some cases carry out a basic clinical examinations before designing a nutritional treatment program.


N.B. Currently we do not have a resident nutritional therapist, however we can make recommendations. Please email us to inquire.

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