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Orthopaedic Consultation

If you have a musculoskeletal condition that requires expert opinion we are pleased to offer our clients the facility to see our orthopaedic consultant Mr George Ampat. This can be done by means of referral from your GP, by our practitioners or if you have private medical insurance, by your provider. If you have had previous investigations then bring them along to your consultation otherwise, if indicated, Mr Ampat may refer you to undergo for diagnostics such as MRI, CT or Ultra Sound scans.


Dr Ampat is a fully qualified Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with special interest in Spinal surgery. He work part time at Royal Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Trust. His mission is to provide quality orthopaedic and spinal opinion with minimal surgical intervention to promote wellness, to relieve suffering and to restore health as humanely as it can be done at the highest value for all concerned.
After years of surgical practice he has taken a conscious decision not to operate. He believe that too many operations are being performed. Surgery has inherent risks and if surgery is performed when it is not necessary, it would be subjecting patients to unnecessary risks. He sees patients and provide advice and opinion. He also perform injections into the spine and other joints. He particularly likes to see patients who have doubts on their diagnosis, unsure about surgery or patients who are not better after surgery.

All inquiries and appointments with Dr George Ampat must be made using the following link:

Health Insurances: Bupa Cigna Aviva Vitality Saga WPA
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