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Our Team


Andreas Syrimis
BSc (Hons), Ost., MSc, Dip Phyt, MCPP

Andreas founded the Bloomsbury practice in 1996. He is an established and well known osteopath and medical herbalist often integrating both systems in his approach.

He practices only on Wednesdays and Thursdays afternoon as most of his time is devoted to lecturing, publishing and research. His posts include: Senior Lecturer in Medical Sciences at the Universities of Westminster, East London University and London School of Osteopathy. BUPA ProfilePlease note that all his appointments are charged at £80.


Charlie Henry-Jones
M.Ost (Osteopath)

He is a graduate from the University College of Osteopathy.

Since joining our practice more than 6 years ago he has become a very popular practitioner.

He treats all ages, from babies to the elderly, as well as expectant mothers and uses both structural and cranial osteopathic techniques. He also has a background in sports and is a qualified fitness instructor. This provides him with insight knowledge into patient’s bio-mechanics and he is able to devise a tailored rehab and exercise plan. 


Spiros Pandis
 massage therapist

Spiros is a graduate of The London School of Osteopathy.


His background in personal training and sports massage lead him to osteopathy, where he has a passionate interest in helping
patients along their recovery from injuries to bounce back stronger than before.

Spiros has experience in rehab for both acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries and draws upon a broad range of techniques and interventions to best assist his patients at each stage.


Johanna Fuller
eopath (M.Ost)
Remedial massage therapist

Johanna graduated from the University College of Osteopathy. As a clinician, she listens deeply to the body and combines a wide range of techniques to support its self-healing mechanism, and actively engage patients in their own recovery.
In addition to structural osteopathy, Johanna also uses gentle cranial techniques, as well as mindfulness and exercise as part of her treatment approach. She often works with clients experiencing chronic pain, fibromyalgia, general aches, injuries, and has a special interest in treating expectant mothers. She is qualified and experienced in deep tissue and remedial massage.

She has a special interest in treating expectant mothers. She is qualified and experienced in deep tissue and sports massage.


Ivan Povkh
Massage Therapist: Deep tissue, Sports, Swedish

Ivan is an experienced masseur and physical rehabilitation specialist. He graduated from several courses in the field of holistic bodywork including a course in osteopathy in Portugal.

He is dedicated and passionate about his field of work and aims to deliver a bespoke and client-centred treatment.

Whether you want him to address problem areas in your body or just chill out with a gentle holistic massage then Ivan will not disappoint you. He enjoys excellent google reviews from many satisfied clients. He is very much a hands-on therapist who is generous with their time and effort.


George Ampat
FRCS, MBBS, D Ortho JIPMER, MS Ortho (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon)
Tel: 01704 808 703

Dr. Ampat is an experienced Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with special interest in spinal surgery. He works part-time at Royal Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Trust. His mission is to provide quality orthopaedic and spinal opinion (with minimal surgical intervention) to promote wellness, relieve suffering and to restore health as humanely as it can be done - at the highest value for all concerned. After years of surgical practice he has taken a conscious decision not to operate. He believes that surgical procedures are overprescribed. In some cases surgery can be avoided, and the inherent risks associated with it. Dr. Ampat provides advice and opinion. He also perform injections into the spine and other joints. He is particularly interested in helping those who have doubts about their diagnosis, are unsure about surgery or patients who are not better after surgery.

All inquiries and appointments with Dr. George Ampat must be made directly at: 01704 808 703 or for more information:



Our appointments line is handled by Clinic Appointments:

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