TSPS09 Thoracic extension strengthening exercise


To increase the strength of the supporting tissues of the thoracic spine. This will increase stability and reduce the likelihood of forward bending posture.


Starting Position:

Lie face down on the floor with a pillow placed underneath the stomach (above the hip bones). Interlace your fingers and place them palm down beneath your forehead.


Slowly and in a controlled manner, engage your upper back and lift your head and arms up and away from the floor. If you have sufficient strength then ensure you keep your hands against your forehead at all times. If you find this challenging the have your arms by your sides with elbows bent. At end of range, slowly return to the starting position and then relax.


Try to keep the lower back and gluteals muscles relatively relaxed at all times. This exercise is also possible lying draped forwards over a Swiss Exercise Ball. Ask your osteopath for advice in this regard.