TSPP06 Thoracic scoliosis

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Lateral spinal curvature. idiopathic scoliosis. structural scoliosis. Compensatory scoliosis. Anatomical scoliosis. Rotational scoliosis.


Exaggerated or abnormal curvature of the spine, usually with side-bending and/or rotational deformations in the joints of the mid and upper back. Can be functional (temporary) or structural (permanent). Characterised by postural abnormalities, muscle tightness/imbalance, and reduced range of movement. Aches and pains are often a feature.


1. Lateral Thoracic Spine Stretch: TSPM06

2. Rib/Intercostal Stretch: TSPM06, TSPMO3, TSPM04, TSPM07, TSPM08, TSPM13

3. Thoracic Strengthening Exercise: TSPS01, TSPS02, TSPS03