TSPP02 Thoracic osteoarthritis

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Upper back osteoarthritis. Thoracic OA.Thoracic arthropathy. Thoracic spondylosis. Thoracic spondyloarthropathy.


Age and/or activity related wear and tear of the joints and associated tissues of the thoracic spine. Characterised by stiffness, local pain, muscular tightness and reduced range of movement. May affect the thorax / rib cage and associated cartilages.


1. Thoracic extension mobility exercise: TSPM01, TSPM04, TSPM05, TSPM13, TSPS09, TSPS01, TSPS02,

2. Thoracic rotation mobility exercise: LSPM07, TSPM03, TSPM07, LSPM03, LSPM06

3. Thoracic extension strengthening exercise:LSPS07, LSPS08, LSPS01, TSPS09