TSPM03 Thoracic Spine Mobilisation Exercise


To increase mobility in the upper back and lower back, thereby maximising joint and local tissue health and reducing tension in spinal muscles. Also to stretch the neck, particularly the base of the neck


Starting position:

Be seated with feet comfortably apart and head in a neutral position. Hook one arm on the back of a stable chair.


Slowly and in a controlled mannerrotate your torso and neck in the direction of the arm which is over the back of the chair. Use your arm on the chair to help you rotate your torso to the maximum. When you feel a comfortable stretch pause for 5-10 seconds. Return to the neutral position and then rotate to the other side.Repeat as prescribed.


Ensure you keep your torso upright and try to turn your neck to the end of range. Use deep slow inspirations to help enhance the stretching.