TMJS02 Jaw muscles strengthening-lateral


To maximise stability in the joints of the jaw (the temporomandibular joint – TMJ) by increasing strength of the lateral and medial pterygoid muscles.


Starting Position:

Be seated with feet comfortably apart and head in the neutral position. Rest your thumb along the border of the side of the mandible with your chin resting between the web of your thumb and index fingers. Relax the jaw so that the mouth falls slightly open.


Open the mouth half way. Then attempt to push the mandible to the side whilst you resist it with your gripping hand. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat the same procedure this time attempting to push the mandible to the other side and again resit it and hold for 5 secs. Repeat the prescribed number of times.


Before attempting any exercises on the TMJ you must consult your osteopath. If you experience any pain, clicking or locking of the law stop the exercise immediately and report it to your osteopath.