TMJM03 Jaw Muscle Stretch


To lengthen/relax the muscles that move the jaw, increase mobility at the jaw (temporomandibular (TMJ) joint and reduce tension in the jaw/temple region. This will help to stretch the masseter and temporalis muscles as well as the ligaments of the TMJ.


Starting Position:

Be seated with feet comfortably apart and head in the neutral position. Rest your fingertips of both hands over the mandible (lower jaw bone). Alternatively gasp your chin (tip of the lower jaw bone) with your thumb and index fingers Relax the jaw so that the mouth falls slightly open.


Slowly and in a controlled manner push the jaw downwards until a gentle stretch is felt. At end of range hold for 10 seconds before returning to starting position.


If you have a history of locking of the jaw or dislocations consult your osteopath first. If a sharp pain is felt at any point, stop, and consult your osteopath.