SHOS08 Strengthening of the rotator cuff muscles with weight


To stabilise the shoulder by creating more power and control in the rotator cuff muscles. The supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis and teres minor. Also to increase the mobility of the shoulder joint.


Starting Position:

Lie on your side with the affected shoulder in contact with the floor. Best to lie on a soft carpet or on an exercise mat. Grab a small weight and bend your shoulder to 90 degrees as well as your elbow to 90 degrees so that the hand is facing the ceiling.


Slowly and in a controlled manner, allow the hand holding the weight to be lowered downwards, then rotate the arm upwards and then allow the arm to fall backwards towards your head. All movements should be done with maximum control. Pause at the end of each movement. Use a weight that is manageable. Repeat this action several times as prescribed.


As your rehabilitation progresses your osteopath may advise you to increase the resistance level of the band.