SHOS04 External Rotator Strengthening – Teres Minor-Infraspinatus


To stabilise the shoulder by creating more power and control in the surrounding muscles.


Starting Position:

Attach suitable strength resistance band to stable point at roughly hip height (e.g. Handle of securely closed door).

Stand side on to attachment point with the affected side furthest from the attachment point. Hold free end of resistance band in hand of affected side.

Hold arm close to torso with elbow bent to 90° with forearm horizontal and pointing directly forward. Step away from the attachment point so that slack is removed from the band.


Slowly and in a controlled manner, stretch the band horizontally across the abdomen with the elbow remaining static against the torso. The hand that is holding the band is rotating away from the body. At end of range, hold the position for 5 seconds then return slowly to the start position.


As your rehabilitation progresses your osteopath may advise you to increase the resistance level of the band.