SHOP05 Shoulder Instability

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Glenohumeral Instability. Shoulder Instability.Glehohumeral Subluxation. Shoulder Subluxation.Glehonumeral Dislocation. Shoulder Dislocation. Shoulder Weakness.Glenohumeral Weakness.


Instability of the shoulder/Glenohumeral joint characterised by muscle weakness/imbalance, ligament laxity or joint malformation. Instability can be caused by previous trauma to muscles or ligaments or by dislocation/subluxation. Instability is often accompanied by pain and dysfunction of the rotator cuff and other local tissues.


1. Rotator Cuff Strengthening (Especially Internal Rotators/Adductors): SHOS04, SHOS05, SHOS08, SHOS01, SHOS02, SHOS03

2. Biceps Strengthening: ARMS01, ARMS02

3. Shoulder Proprioception Exercise