SHOM12 Stretch of the internal rotators of the shoulder


To stretch, lengthen and relax the muscles at the front of the shoulder. Stretching of the internal rotator muscles of the shoulder; Subscapularis, Pectoralis major, Teres major and Latissimus dorsi.


Starting Position:
Lie on the floor, face up. Place the affected arm out to the side of your body and with the arm bent at the elbow and hand pointing upwards.


Grasp a small weight and allow the arm to rotate backwards so that you aim for the back of the hand to contact the floor. Hold in this position for 30-60 seconds then rotate shoulder so that the hand points towards the feet. Rest for a few seconds and return to the upward direction.


The down-phase of this exercise can be used to stretch the external rotators.
This exercise also help to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles.

If you suffer from a shoulder problem such a rotator cuff tear consult your osteopath before doing this exercise.