Massage (30 mins)

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Massage therapies
Depending on your needs and the advice from your therapist you may be offered a massage from a variety of styles including:
Swedish Massage (gentle and relaxing)
Sports Massage (more than just deep tissue work and may include mobilisation and stretching techniques)
Deep tissue massage (like Swedish but with a more assertive and focused application of hands)
Aromatherapy (like Swedish with the incorporation of essential oils to help achieve a better state of mood)
Hot Stone massage (often preceded by Swedish style massage followed by the application of warmed up granite stones on strategic places to help muscles relax and to energise your circulation.)
Length of your massage: If you need a full body massage then a booking for one hour is essential but if you need us to focus into certain areas like the back, shoulders and legs then a 30 minute appointment would also be suitable.


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