MRI scans

Even just 10 years ago the access to MRI scanners was limited and very expensive. We are now able to refer you for an MRI scan with as little at £200. We have managed to negotiate very competitive deals with a number of diagnostic centres in London and we can get you scanned fast and in many cases with the report being ready on our desk within a few hours of the procedure.

MRI scans are an excellent way to investigate structural problems and in particular the spinal and associated tissues. The degree of detail gained from MRI scans make X-rays primitive by comparison. Your osteopath will be able to decide if you need an MRI or other diagnostic investigations.

MRI scans do not use harmful radiation such as with Xrays or CT scans. In some cases if you have a metallic implant, a pacemaker or other issues you may not be suitable for MRI scan so please inform your referring practitioner.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.