LSPS03 Low Back Bridge Strengthening Exercise


To maximise stability and health of the lumbar spine by increasing strength of local and related muscle groups. Also to strengthen the glutei (buttocks) and hamstrings muscles.


Starting Position:

Lie on your back with hips and knees bent and feet comfortably apart. Arms should be by your side, palms down for stability.


Engage your abdominal/core muscles. Take a deep breath, slowly and in a controlled manner, lift your pelvis off the floor and raise so that your body forms a straight line from chest to hips to knees. At this height, pause, before slowly returning to the start position. To improve the strength of the core muscles contract your abdominal muscles as you fully exhale. Return to start position relax and repeat as advised.


Be sure not to overextend your pelvis as this will hyperextend and therefore compromise the lower back. Also see LSPS04.