LSPS02 Spine Stretch and Core Strengthening Exercise


To increase stability and protect the joints of the lower back by strengthening and balancing the chains of deep abdominal and hip muscles.


Starting Position:

Position yourself on all fours with palms flat against the floor beneath the shoulders, and with thighs vertical beneath the hips. Ensure that the lumbar spine is flat not arched upwards or downwards.


Take a deep breath and contract the abdominal muscle and hold the breath. Then slowly and in a controlled manner, extend opposite limbs (i.e. left leg and right arm) until both arm and leg are parallel to the floor. Return immediately to the starting position and exhale. It is imperative that the lumbar spine remains flat and that the abdominal muscles remain contracted throughout. Keep your chin down and do not extend the neck.Repeat with the opposite limbs as advised by your osteopath.


To further increase the strength of the core muscles, as you are in the stretch position, exhale fully and contract the abdominal muscles to the maximum. At the same timepoint your suspended hand and foot as far away as possible in opposite directions.