LSPP04 Sciatica

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Low Back Leg Pain. Sciatic Nerve Neuropathy. Lumbar Nerve Root Irritation. Piriformis Syndrome (pseudo sciatica).


A lay term used to describe symptoms pain in the back of the thigh and/or lower leg related to dysfunction in the lower back and/or pelvis. Symptoms vary depending on exact pathology but typically characterised by local low back pain, gluteal pain, posterior thigh pain and posterior leg pain. No exercises should be performed unless specifically advised by your Osteopath.


1. Gluteal Stretch: LEGM17, LEGM19

2. Lumbar Spine Mobility Exercise : LSPM03, LSPM06, LSPM07, LSPM09, LSPM11, LSPM12

3. Lumbar Spine Rotational Stretch : LSPM06, LSPM03, LSPM07

4. Hamstring Stretch: LEGM01, LEGM02, LEGM03, LEGM04, LEGM05, LEGM07, LEGM08

5. (later) Core Strengthening Exercise: CORS07, CORS08, CORS05, CORS06, CORS01, CORS02, CORS03, LSPS02, LSPS03, LSPS04, LSPS05, LSPS07, LSPS08.