LSPP02 Lumbar Spine Osteoarthritis-spondylosis

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Low Back Osteoarthritis. Lumbar Spine OA. Lumbar Spine Arthritis. Degenerative Lumbar Spine. Lumbar Spine Spondylosis. Low Back Wear and Tear. Lumbar Facet Arthritis. Lumbar Facet Degeneration. Lumbar Facet OA.


Degenerative wear and tear of the synovial joints of the Lumbar Spine. Characterised by local pain, muscular tightness, inflammation, and reduced range of movement.


Lumbar Spine Mobility Exercise : LSPM03, LSPM06, LSPM07, LSPM09, LSPM11, LSPM12

Lumbar Spine Rotational Stretch : LSPM06, LSPM03, LSPM07

Core Strengthening Exercise: CORS07, CORS08, CORS05, CORS06, CORS01, CORS02, CORS03, LSPS02, LSPS03, LSPS04, LSPS05, LSPS07, LSPS08