LSPM06 Lumbar Spine Mobility Rotational Exercise


To stretch, lengthen and relax the muscles of the lumbar spine, lower back, hips and gluteal region. Also helps to stretch the upper back.


Starting Position:

Lie on your back on a firm bed or on an exercise mat.


Rotate your pelvis slightly to the side then extend the top leg up and allow it to drop to the opposite site of the body. In order to keep the top part of your body flat on the floor place the opposite arm in the opposite direction. Hold this position 30-60 seconds and repeat on the other side as advised.


Increase the stretch by pulling the leg up with the other hand keeping the knee straight. Taking deep breaths and holding them for a short time increases the stretch. Rotating the head to the opposite direction helps stretch more of the spine. Consult your osteopath for more advice.