LEGS15 Adductor Strengthening Exercise


To improve the power and health of the muscles of the inner thigh and to improve stability at the hip joint.


Starting Position:

Lie on your side. Support your torso with your lower forearm as well as the other hand for additional support. Bend the knee of the upper leg to about 900 and place the foot firmly on the floor. Sit obliquely on the buttock of the lower leg which is kept completely straight.


Tighten the abdominal/core muscles. Slowly and in a controlled manner lift the lower leg away from the floor. Keep the leg straight and the foot turned outward at all times. At end of range, stop and slowly return to the starting position.


To make the exercise more challenging a small weight can be secured at the ankle.

As your rehabilitation progresses your osteopath may advise you to further challenge these muscles by keeping the leg at end of range for a specified amount of time before returning to the starting position.