LEGS11 Quadriceps Strengthening Exercise


To increase the strength of the muscles at the front of the thigh to improve stability at the knee and hip joints.


Starting Position:

In one hand hold a weight and if necessary with the other hold onto a support. Stand upright in front of a step/low bench, with feet comfortably apart. You should be no further than a few inches from the step.


Slowly and in a controlled manner, step up. Straighten the knee completely once the other foot is planted on the step. Engage the abdominal muscles throughout the step up. Repeat on the other side.


As your rehabilitation progresses, your osteopath may encourage you to increase the weight to further challenge your thigh muscles. Set and repetitions to be determined by your osteopath.
Squats are another great way of strengthening the quadriceps, and may be done using only your bodyweight.