LEGM22 Leg Swing Exercise


To increase the range of movement at the hip by using gravity and momentum to separate and mobilise the joint and the surrounding tissues and fluids.


Starting Position:

Stand on a stable low bench or stool and hold onto a chair or the wall for support.


Lift the affected leg off the bench and with the leg still straight begin to swing the foot back and forth in a pendular motion. Start with just small swings of the foot and try to relax the muscles of the leg and buttock as much as possible to allow the leg to hang from the pelvis. In a pain free range slowly increase the size of the swings. You can also experiment with turning the foot outwards as the foot swings out away from your body and inwards as it swings across your body to mobilise different aspects of the joint.


It is also possibly to perform this exercise standing side on to the supporting wall and simply swinging the leg forwards and backwards in a kicking motion to mobilise different aspects of the joint.
The use of ankle weights will greatly increase the amount of beneficiary traction placed on the hip joint.