LEGM12 Quadriceps Stretch Sidelying


To lengthen and relax the muscles at the front of the thigh whose main function is to extend the knee.


Starting Position:

Lie on your side on a mat or carpet. Bend both knees to about 90 degrees. Grasp the top leg by the ankle behind your back so that the thigh is held roughly parallel to the floor.


Slowly and in a controlled manner draw the ankle upwards and backwards. Maintain a straight spine at all times. When a stretch is felt at the front of the thigh hold the position for 30 seconds whilst breathing slowly and deeply. Return to starting position then repeat. After the prescribed repetitions turn to the other side and stretch the other thigh.


It is important during this stretch not to either flex or extendthe spine as this will compromise the efficiency of the stretch and the stability of the lower back.

Alternative way:

Place the affected knee on a floor cushion and the other foot in front of you. Slowly and in a controlled manner push your pelvis forwards and lean your torso backwards thus exerting pressure on the quadriceps of the kneeling leg. Use your hand/forearms for support, tighten your abdominal muscles and do not allow your lower back to over-extend.