LEGM03 Hamstring Stretch


To lengthen and relax the group of muscles which run from the buttock region to the back of the knee and whose main function is to bend the knee.


Starting Position:

Stand in front of a chair, the staircase or a low bench. Place the heel of the affected leg on the chair and keep the knee straight.


Slowly and in a controlled manner without arching your back, lean towards that same leg. Make sure to look straight ahead. Do not allow your hips or torso to twist, hands may be placed on the thigh of the leg being stretched for support. By pointing your toes towards your face you will also be stretching your calf muscles. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side.


It is possible to enhance this stretch. Once the knee has been straightened and a stretch felt, slowly bend the foot of the affected side upwards at the ankle as far as is comfortable and hold this final position for 30 seconds whilst breathing slowly and deeply.
Enhance the stretch to include the calf muscles by gently pulling your toes toward you.A cushion may be positioned between the heel and the chair for comfort.