HIPS07 Abductor Strengthening Exercise


To improve the stability and mobility at the hip by increasing power in the muscles that run across the outer aspect of the joint.


Starting Position:

Lie on your side on a flat surface with a mat or soft surface between yourself and the floor. Bend the lower hip and knee for stability. Secure an ankle weight on your leg and straighten the hip and knee.


Engage/tighten the abdominal muscles. Slowly and in a controlled fashion, lift the upper leg directly upwards away from the lower leg. The upper leg should remain straight at all times. At end of range, stop and slowly return to the starting position.


As your rehabilitation progresses your osteopath may advise you to further challenge these muscles by holding the upper leg at end of range for a specified period of time before returning to the starting position. Also, an ankle weight may be used to increase the resistance.
Another way to strengthen the abductors of the hip is to use an exercise band. While seated or on your back, place the band around your knees and in a controlled manner part your knees and return to the original position. Set, repetitions and resistance to be determined by your osteopath.