HIPS01 Gluteal Strengthening Exercise


To maximise strength and stability at the hip by increasing the power of the muscles of the buttocks.


Starting Position:

Position yourself on all fours with hands roughly shoulder width apart and knees directly under the hips.


Firstly, engage/tighten the abdominal muscles. Then slowly and in a controlled manner lift the foot of the affected leg directly upward, sole towards the ceiling. Once the thigh is parallel to the floor, stop and slowly return the leg to the starting position. The knee should remain bent to 90° at all times and the lower back should not be allowed to arch. The sets, repetitions and any external resistance is to be determined by your osteopath.


As your rehabilitation progresses your osteopath may advise you to make this exercise more challenging by holding the thigh parallel to the floor for a specific amount of time before returning to the start position. Ankle weights may be used to make this exercise more intense.

Lunges, squats and step-ups are other effective ways of developing strength in the gluteal muscles. Intensity and difficulty level can be calibrated according to patient specific capabilities.