HIPP05 Hamstring Strain

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Hamstring Tear. Hamstring Tendinopathy


Overstrain/Overstretch or tear of the muscles located at the back of the thigh. Characterised by local pain and/or swelling, aggravated by movements especially with movements like bending the knee or straightening the hip.


1. Hamstring Stretch: LEGM02, LEGM03, LEGM04, LEGM07, LEGM08, LEGM17

2. Hamstring Strengthening Exercise: LEGS04, LEGS05, LEGS19, LEGS21

3. Gluteal Strengthening Exercise: LEGS20, LEGS09, LEGS11, LEGS04, LEGS05

Note: research has shown eccentric strengthening exercises of the hamstring muscle group to be most effective in this type of lesion.