HIPM06 Gluteal Stretch sitting on chair


To lengthen and relax the muscles of the buttock which can be implicated in tightness in the lateral thigh and knee, lower back problems, postural mal-alignments, and other similar conditions.


Starting Position:

Be seated on a flat stable chair with back upright and legs fully straight. Bend a knee and place the foot on the other side of the straight leg. The foot should be placed as high up the straight leg as possible.


Using interlaced fingers of both hands to draw the bent knee towards the chest until a stretch is felt in the buttock region. The back should remain upright at all times. Hold this position for 30 seconds whilst breathing slowly and deeply. Return to starting position.


There are many ways to stretch the gluteal muscles, consult your osteopath for alternatives if a stretch is not felt.
For example, holding a lunge position at the bottom and trying to place the elbow of the side of the leg in front, on the floor.