HANP01 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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CTS. Median Nerve Compression. Wrist Neuropathy. Carpal Tunnel Neuropathy.


Compression/irritation of the Median Nerve as it passes through a restricted space at the base of the hand (under the flexor retinaculum). Characterised by wrist/hand/finger pain, inflammation, and sensory changes such as pins and needles in the hand and fingers. Later followed by wasting of the small muscles of the hand especially of the thumb (the thenar eminence)


Wrist Flexor and Extensor Stretch: ARMM01, ARMM02, ARMM03, ARMM04

First Rib Mobilisation Exercise: CSPM11, CSPM15

Pectoralis Stretch: SHOM07, SHOM13, TSPM05