FOTS06 Strengthening of the toes and ankle joint


To increase the strength of thetoe flexors (flexor digitorum and flexor hallucis muscles) and to help stabilize the foot and ankle joint. Also helps to strengthen the arches of the foot.


Starting Position:

Be seated on a stable chair with the affected leg outstretched in front of you. Tie a close loop of exercise band around the desired foot (or loop it between the big toe and second toe) and secure the other end of the band on an object behind you such as the back leg of the chair. Take up the slack in the band.


Extend your knee and hold it straight during the exercise. Slowly and in a controlled manner point your toes downwards by curling them. At end of range, hold for 5 seconds before returning slowly to the start position.


Use a secure stable chair.
Repetitions, sets and external resistance will be prescribed by your osteopath.