FOTS01 Ankle Plantarflexion Strengthening exercise


To increase stability at the ankle by building strength in the muscles which are located the back of the leg and cross the ankle joint. Strengthens the calf muscles and flexor digitorum.


Starting Position:

Be seated in a chair. Hold an elastic exercise band (or a rolled bath towel) with one end in each hand and loop it around the ball of the foot on the desired side so that there is tension in the band with the heel resting on the floor, the leg should be straight and the foot pointing upward.


Slowly and in a controlled manner, stretch the band or towel by pointing the foot downward sole toward the floor. At end of range, pause for five seconds before returning to the starting position. Repetitions, sets and external resistance is will be prescribed by your osteopath.


As your rehabilitation progresses, your osteopath may advise you to use stronger resistance bands, longer pauses and more repetitions.