FOTP06 Osteoarthritis of the Ankle and Foot

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Ankle Osteoarthritis.Talo-crural Osteoarthritis. Ankle OA. Ankle wear and tear. Ankle Arthritis. Ankle degeneration.


Degenerative wear and tear of the ankle joint, characterised by local pain, stiffness, deformity, reduction of articular cartilage, crepitus, swelling and reduced range of motion.


1. Ankle Alphabet Exercise: FOTS06

2. Ankle Proprioception Exercise:BALB01, BALB02, BALB03, BALB04, BALB05

3. Calf Stretch: : LEGM14, LEGM10, LEGM09, LEGM08, LEGM05, LEGM04, LEGM03, LEGM02, LEGM01

4. Tibialis and peroneusstretches: FOTM03, FPTM02