FOTP03 Plantar Fasciitis

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Heel Spur (associated with).Subcalcaneal heel pain.Plantar tendinitis. Plantar tendinosis. Plantar fasciosis. Plantar fibromatosis. Runner's heel. Jogger's heel.


Inflammation and/or fibrosis of the thick connective tissue at the rear/middle of the sole and arch of the foot. Characterised by local pain and swelling, aggravated by weight bearing activity, local overstretching and inappropriate footwear.


1. Plantar Fascia Self-massage exercise: FOTM01

2. Calf Stretch: : LEGM14, LEGM10, LEGM09, LEGM08, LEGM05, LEGM04, LEGM03, LEGM02, LEGM01

3. Big Toe Stretch: LEGM04, LEGM05

4. Tibialis anterior stretch:FOTM03