FOTP01 Inversion Sprain

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Ankle Sprain. Rolled ankle. Twisted Ankle. Ankle ligament sprain. Lateral ankle ligament sprain.


Overstretch and/or rupture of the ligaments on the outside of the ankle caused by the action of excessive inward turning of the foot. Characterised by local pain, tenderness, bruising, swelling, reduced range of movement
and in some cases the inability to bear weight.


1. Ankle proprioception exercise: BALB01, BALB02, BALB03, BALB04, BALB05

2. Ankle Dorsiflexion Strengthening exercise

3. Ankle Plantarflexion Strengthening exercise: FOTS01,FOTS07, FOTS06, FOTS04,

4. Ankle Eversion Strengthening exercise: FOTS02

5. Hip mobility exercises: HIPM01, HIPM02, HIPM03, HIPM04, LSPM06