FOTM08 Toe and foot stretch and strengthen exercise


To stretch the connective tissue and muscles of the sole of the foot and to mobilise the joint and the base of the big toe.


Starting Position:

Be seated in a chair. Thread the middle of an exercise elastic band between the big toe and middle toe. Tie the ends of the band on the back leg of the chair.


Slowly and in a controlled manner, straighten the knee and keep it in this position. The slowly point your big toe downwards and continue with the curling of the rest of your toes. At the end of the range of movement hold for 10 seconds. Then allow the elastic band to pull your foot towards you at the starting position and rest it in that position. Then repeat.


It is important to do this in a slow controlled manner taking the ankle and toes to their end of range. Shorten the loop of the band to increase the level of difficulty.