CSPP02 Thoracic outlet syndrome

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Cervical rib syndrome. Scalenusanticus syndrome. TOS. Pectoralis minor syndrome.


Compression or irritation of the neurovascular bundle that runs from the neck to the arm and down to the hand. Dysfunction (compression or space limitation) can occur at a number of sites, usually in the neck and/or shoulder. Symptoms vary depending on the exact site of compression/irritation but are usually characterised by pain, sensory and temperature changes in the arm and hand.In some cases weakness in the muscles of the arms and hands. May also refer symptoms to the head.


1. Pectoralis Stretch : SHOM07, SHOM10, TSPM05

2. First Rib Mobilisation Exercise : CSPM16, CSPM11, CSPM15, SHOM02

3. Assisted Neck Muscle Stretches: CSPM03, CSPM09, CSPM17, CSPM06, CSPM11, CSPM16, CSPM15