CSPM17 Assisted stretch of the muscles at the back of the neck


To stretch and relax the group of muscles that run from base of the skull to the vertebrae of the neck and upper back. To stretch the ligaments and tendons of the cervical spine. To stretch associated structures at the base of the neck and upper thoracic spine.


Starting Position:

Be seated with feet comfortably apart and head upright in a neutral position. Interlock your fingers together and place them behind your head or neck.


Slowly and in a controlled manner gently pull the head directly downwards as if to tuck the chin in. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Return to neutral position, relax and repeat the prescribed number of times.


Only perform neck exercises after consulting with your osteopath.
If you suffer from vascular problems, heart problems, had strokes, have a connective tissue disease or suffer from dizziness inform your osteopath.