BALP02 Knee and ankle proprioception and balance exercise-on pillow


To improve the stability at the joints of the leg by increasing neurological feedback between the ankle, knee and hip joints and the control centres of the cerebellum and brain. The aim of the exercise is to create a relatively unstable environment for the above joints in order to challenge and therefore improve stability and balance.


Starting Position:

This exercise is best performed using a specially designed Wobble Board. Please consult your osteopath if you would like to purchase this equipment.

Stand upright side on to a wall or table with the affected side closest to this support structure. Place the Wobble Board beneath the foot on the affected side. If you do not have a Wobble Board it is possible to use a folded non-feather filled pillow (consult your osteopath for other alternatives). Be sure to support/stabilise yourself using the wall/table.


Lift the unaffected foot off the floor so that you are standing on the affected side on top of the unstable board/pillow. Stand on the unstable surface for a set amount of time and repetitions, to be specified by your osteopath.

Begin using support and with eyes open.
As your rehabilitation progresses your osteopath may encourage you to try this exercise firstly with your eyes closed, and then also without using the table/wall for support.