ARMS10 Strengthening Exercises using abdominal wheel


To strengthen the muscle at the back of the upper armsand back of shoulders, the spinal muscles and the abdominal muscles. Improves core stability.


Starting Position:
Kneel on a soft surface or a cushion. Assume the position of being on all fours but instead of your hands being on the floor, you hold onto an ab wheel.


Slowly and in a controlled manner allow the wheel to roll forward away from your head. When you reach a distance which you find that is the comfortable limit of your control then slowly roll the wheel back towards your body. Do this by the action of your arms and shoulders and by flexing from the pelvis BUT keeping your torso straight at all times.

Be sure to keep your whole spine straight at all times.Focus and contract you abdominal muscles to improve core stability.


As youprogress yourstrength and control of all the muscles involved, your osteopath may advise you to increase the pause time and the number of repetitions.