ARMS06 Triceps Strengthening Exercise


To strengthen the muscle at the back of the upper arm and back of shoulder in order to increase stability at the shoulder and elbow joints. Also to strengthen your abdomen and back (the core muscles)


Starting Position:

Lie face down on an exercise mat or soft carpet, then slowly raise your body so that you are supported by your toes and hands (palms flat in contact with the floor)


Slowly and in a controlled manner allow your elbows to bend so that your whole torso and face get close to the floor surface. Pause very briefly and then push up by extending your elbows. After a short pause in the elevated position return to the lower position thus repeating a typical press-up'

Be sure to keep your whole body straight at all times.Focus and contract the abdominal (tummy) muscles. Breath in during the down-phase and out on the up-phase. Your elbows (and shoulders)should be the only parts moving.


As youprogress your rehabilitation and strength exercises your osteopath may advise you to increase the pause time and the number of repetitions.

Alternative exercises for the triceps are rowing machine-type action exercises or extending the elbow and shoulder using a weight in your hand.