ARMS05 Triceps Strengthening Exercise


To strengthen the muscle at the back of the upper arm and back of shoulder in order to increase stability at the shoulder and elbow joints.


Starting Position:
Kneel on a soft surface. Assume the position of being on all fours with legs and feet off the floor.


Slowly and in a controlled manner allow your elbows to bend so that your chest and face get close to the floor surface. Hold this position for the prescribed number of seconds and then push up by extending your elbows and again assume the starting position by being on all fours.

Be sure to keep your whole spine straight at all times. Also keep your hips (and pelvis) at the same flexed position. Therefore the tilting forward takes place by rocking forward at the knees. The rest of your body remains fixed in the same position with your elbows and shoulders doing all the work


As youprogress your rehabilitation and strength exercises your osteopath may advise you to increase the pause time and the number of repetitions.

Alternative exercises for the triceps; are rowing machine-type action exercises or extending the elbow and shoulder using a weight in your hand.