ARMS04 Triceps Strengthening Exercise


To strengthen the muscle at the back of the upper arm and back of shoulder in order to increase stability at the shoulder and elbow joints.


Starting Position:

Stand behind a stable chair and rest one hand on the back for support. With the affected arm hold a small weight. Best to hold it with the grip facing forwards and the back of the hand facing backwards. Bend slightly from your hips but keep your back straight.


Start with the elbow bent/flexed then slowly and in a controlled manner straighten the arm to lift the weight upwards and backwards until the elbow(and shoulder) are fully extended and straight . Pause for 5 seconds before returning slowly to the starting position. Be sure to keep the wrist straight at all times.


As you progress your rehabilitation and strength, your osteopath may advise you to increase the weight, the length of the pause and the number of repetitions.
Alternative exercises for the triceps are push-ups or rowing machine-type action.